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Welcome to Ebone Adrianne Floral Design where we create your level of luxury. Whether you desire floral abundance or a room full of lush greens, we create custom arrangements to celebrate the special moments in your life.


Ebone Adrianne Floral Design grew out of a desire to find purpose, a phone conversation with my best friend, and endless support from my family. Since the seed was planted in 2016, my business has been blossoming ever since! I hope to bless your intimate event with glorious, fragrant floral that I design with the same love and passion that you share with each other.


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EAFD Core Values


Relationships over Everything



Inspiration NOT Imitation

Listening is better than being right

Ebone Adrianne floral design focuses on establishing a personal relationship with the client. From the very first conversation, get personal: Where did you and your soon to be “hubby” meet? What kind of places do you like to shop? Having these conversations helps you to not only figure out the bride’s style, but also give you a personal connection to the couples wedding. Relationships with our wedding planners, venues, and vendors is also vitally important to the success of the company. These relationships are based on honesty, education regarding cost and availability of flowers, and a genuine concern for creating a design that is both reflective of the client’s personality and Ebone Adrianne Floral Design quality/style of work.

I am interested in creating custom designs. Providing clients with inspiration photos from magazines and social media is great to give clients a visual of aesthetic, but each design is custom. We use other designer’s work as inspiration, but we cannot promise a replication. We will take elements of inspiration images, combined with Ebone Adrianne Floral Design’s creative ideas to design event florals that are one of a kind.

Sometimes a client or bride needs is to be heard. We always think it's a good idea to be on the "receiver," end of communication. This position allows you to hear, understand, empathize and when there is a client concern. Even if you think you are right, empathizing with the client can lead to them having even more respect for the people involved in the business.




Don't meet Expectations, Exceed them

Everything is figure-out-able

Work/life Balance is good for Business

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It is always amazing when the bride and groom walk in the reception space for the first look and you get immediate satisfaction because they thank you for meeting their expectations, but we are going for constants moments of awe as the couple walks through that bring on the happy tears. We will meet the expectations laid out in the contract, but what we really love to do is exceed them. Like, blow them away. If its setting extra blooms at each place setting or upgrading their estate table with candles and charger plates from the inventory, allow the client to be wowed when you exceed what they expected.

Everything that can go wrong, has the potential to go wrong on wedding day. It is important that we are able to solve problems quickly and think on our feet.

We believe we work better if we can take care of and are taken care of at home. For that reason, we always encourage date night, family time, exercise, and showing up for your kids' school performances. As this company is led by a woman, we understand that being a woman requires you to fulfill many roles. As such, we have created a culture that allows us to have it all.


it's free

When embarking on the journey to your big day - it can be a bit overwhelming to think about the budget and then you talk to your florist. 

A whole new world of unknown, yet completely necessary costs, have left your head spinning. 

And we get it!

That's why I've put together this 100% free guide to help while you construct your budget.