Decemeber 18th 2017

You’ve seen their work on Instagram, you’ve checked out their website, and now it's time for your initial consultation with your floral designer. Asking these five questions during your consultation will give you a better understanding of who you may be hiring for the most important day of your life.


1. How would you describe your floral design aesthetic?


While seasoned florist have the ability to be flexible with design, most florist have a distinctive design style. Of course you may be able to pick up on this while perusing their Instagram post, but most designers prefer to create in a certain aesthetic. Your designer may love to create an organic array of blooms with lots of greenery or your designer may have a passion to create romantic glam feels by using lots of blooms. Either way choosing a designer that has a passion to create within your wedding aesthetic is key.


2. Will my flowers look just like the pictures provided in the consultation?


You come in with all your pictures from Pinterest and you tell your floral designer, I want my wedding to look exactly like this! (Haven’t we all been there with pictures we show our hairstylist ladies!)  The truth is you want a wedding that is yours and should be unique to your experience. I always tell my clients that pictures serve as inspiration. I was recently at a conference hosted by Sarah Campbell of Intrigue Designs; floral designers were given the same floral ingredients, yet each designer’s finished product was different and unique.  You will see in most floral contracts that floral designers reserve the right to “ have final say regarding the aesthetic judgment and artistic quality of the services.” With this being said, hiring a floral designer requires a lot of trust in the collaboration between your vision and the talent of the designer.



Let’s face it: Pinterest, Instagram, and Reality T.V. have changed the way brides picture their big day. This dramatic change in expectations has lead me to really educate my clients on the cost associated with their wedding florals. When setting your budget for florals, it is not only important to consider how much you want to spend on bridal bouquets, boutonnieres, and centerpieces, but also the cost associated with hiring a floral designer. Most brides are surprised to see that a $5,000 floral budget will not get them the dream wedding pictured on social media, especially when the fees associated with hiring a floral designer are added to the cost. As such, I have created a list of 5  cost every bride should consider before setting a floral budget and hiring a Floral Designer.



When couples look at their proposal, the question I often get asked is. “What’s strike?”  Strike is when your floral designer returns to the venue at the end of the night to dispose of all those pretty blooms you paid a pretty penny for in order to create the wedding of your dreams. Let’s face it: Flowers are expensive! And some couples feel like it is a shame to spend thousands of dollars on wedding flowers just to have them disposed at the end of the night. So, take a look at these three options to get the most out of your wedding flowers.

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