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The Cost Associated With Hiring A Floral Designer

Updated: Jan 24, 2019

Let’s face it: Pinterest, Instagram, and Reality T.V. have changed the way brides picture their big day. This dramatic change in expectations has lead me to really educate my clients on the cost associated with their wedding florals. When setting your budget for florals, it is not only important to consider how much you want to spend on bridal bouquets, boutonnieres, and centerpieces, but also the cost associated with hiring a floral designer. Most brides are surprised to see that a $5,000 floral budget will not get them the dream wedding pictured on social media, especially when the fees associated with hiring a floral designer are added to the cost. As such, I have created a list of 5 cost every bride should consider before setting a floral budget and hiring a Floral Designer:

1. Product Purchase

I have been to a number of floral workshops and conferences and the majority of florist

will place a 3x markup on the cost of wholesale flowers, meaning a rose that is priced at $1.70 a stem will end up being $5.10 for the client. This markup takes care of the 10% loss in flowers from the box to the bucket. Moreover, this markup covers the necessary overhead to keep your floral designer in business. I often ask my clients to think about their everyday lives as consumers; no matter what you purchase, there is a markup. If consumers paid exactly how much it cost to make a Louboutin shoe, the company would never make a profit to be a billion dollar shoe industry!

2. Labor

For most designers, flowers are a labor of love, but that does not mean that we do not

expect to get paid for the time, care, and attention it takes to make sure each bloom is at its best for your wedding day. Most floral designers receive your wedding florals 2-3 days before your wedding. After receiving the product, there are hours of processing, which means scrubbing buckets, filling each bucket with the right amount of water and floral food, dethorning and deleafing , and finally making the final cut to arrange your blooms into beautiful arrangements. As such, there is generally a 25% fee for labor added to your overall cost for these labor intensive designs.

3. Trucking & Delivery

Now that your floral designer has designed your beautiful blooms into the perfect bouquets and centerpieces, it is time to deliver your wedding flowers. Depending on the floral designer, they may have a fleet of cargo vans or they may have to rent these vehicles from their local car rental shop. No matter the case. Floral Designers are going to add at least 15% of your overall cost for trucking and delivery.

4. Setup

The labor is not over once the florals are arranged at the floral studio. On your wedding day, your floral designer is on site adding extra blooms to your centerpieces, setting up your ceremony aisle, or designing your floral wall. It is true that most designers attempt to do most of the labor before arriving to the venue, but some work has to be done onsite. For example, you cannot transport a chuppah fully designed because of the risk of damage to the blooms during transport. So, this is another 10-15% fee added to your floral budget depending on the complexity of the setup, how many employees the designer will need to help with setup, and the time it will take for every detail to be just right!

5. Strike

The vows have been recited, the first dance has taken place, your guest have eaten, your

dance floor was lit and now it is time to enjoy your night as newlyweds...except your venue expects the space to be cleared of all floral designs from your wedding. Because floral designers will not allow their brides to “clean up” at the end of the night in their beautiful wedding gowns, your florals designer must come back to the venue at the end of the night to break down all floral structures and strike all flowers. This also is labor intensive and time consuming. In fact, it takes the same amount of time for set up as it does for strike. Make sure you dedicate 10% of your overall budget toward strike fees.

So now that you are aware of the 5 cost associated with hiring a floral designer, let’s return back to that $5,000 budget:

Budget $5,000

Labor 25% - 1250

Trucking & Delivery 10% - 500

Setup 15% - 750

Strike 10% - 500

Cost for Flowers 2,000

With the cost associated with hiring a floral designer, this leaves a bride with a budget of $5,000 at $2000 for the actual flowers for her wedding...and remember that that the 1st cost associated with hiring a floral designer is the 3x markup on wholesale flower prices.

Brides with smaller budgets have two options: increase the floral budget to be able to hire a floral designer or cut something from your “must haves.” The best thing to do is to be informed about the cost associated with hiring floral designer and to communicate with your floral designer about your floral budget so that your big day will bloom!

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